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FinTitan is your trusted partner and ally in growth.

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At FinTitan, we are problem-solvers and innovators, but most importantly, entrepreneurs like you. 

And if we don’t see something exists that is good enough for the people and businesses in America, We create it ourselves.

FOR Entrepreneurs BY Entrepreneurs.

Driven By Impact
& Alignment.

In the Financial Services Industry, Impact comes from human and financial capital.That’s why we’re interested in assisting business owners and startups with the trusted support and solutions they need – at the exact stage they need it. We’re aligned with your business needs, and we care that they are exceeded.

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Securing Your Financial Safety.

Entrepreneurs have many risks they face in the course of building, growing,and scaling their businesses. The one risk that is unacceptable to all entrepreneurs is risking your financial future unnecessarily by choosing the wrong bank to hold your deposits. That’s why we ensure you can sleep well at night with millions in FDIC insurance, so you never have to worry about the safety of your deposits again. 

Powered By Trusted Relationships.​

At FinTitan, relationships are everything. We are committed to knowing and aligning with the people we serve in order to serve them well. We value long-term relationships with our partners that trust and support growth.

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Believing in Accessibility.

We understand being an entrepreneur isn’t a straight line trajectory. Businesses need customized support based on their size, needs, and industry. We pride ourselves on being a trusted resource for entrepreneurs, providing the necessary support you need when you need it. 

John Souza

About Our Founder, John Souza

Family Man.
Serial Entrepreneur. Revolutionary.

As an experienced CEO that has led the growth scaling of multiple companies over the last 30 years, John’s proven that mission-based success can be both possible and profitable.

The founder of multiple award-winning, mission-based businesses, John is a leader in creating innovative, disruptive solutions in the Education, Healthcare, and Finance Industries that create a real impact for the people who need it most.