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ADP’s Pay-by-Pay®

Premium Payment Program 

Are you trying to build, scale and grow your business, but find that essential administrative tasks, like workers’ compensation premium payments, often disrupt your company’s workflow and divert attention from your core business priorities?

Discover the potential eligibility for ADP’s Pay-by-Pay Premium Payment program for Workers’ Compensation, a service designed to alleviate numerous administrative challenges linked to workers’ compensation premium payments and seamlessly integrate withs our payroll services

The Accurate Way

Minimize Auditing

Reduce the risk of unexpected issues during your year-end audit.

 Accurate Payments

Minimize Auditing

Ensure accuracy by making payments based on actual payroll data and carrier rates, minimizing miscalculations during your year-end audit.


The Convenience of Pay-by-Pay

Direct Premium Payments

Administrative Efficiency

Streamline administrative tasks that might hinder your productivity.

Unlock Better Cash Flow

No Up-Front Premium Deposit Required

Free up funds by eliminating the need for an up-front premium deposit, allowing you to invest in your business for increased profitability.

Accurate and Predictable Payments

Benefit from premium payments based on actual payroll data and carrier rates to prevent over or underpayments.

Payments Are Spread Over Your
Company’s Payroll Cycle

Enjoy payments spread over your company's payroll cycle for predictability and financial planning.

Compare ADP’s Pay-by-Pay to traditional
premium payment programs.

Traditional Premium Payments

ADP Pay-By-Pay
Premium Payment Program