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Time and Attendance Solution

Say goodbye to the manual tracking of
schedules, worked hours, or time off.

ADP’s automated time and attendance solutions ensure payroll accuracy and compliance, enabling you to reinvest those hours back into your business. Access affordable, user-friendly web and mobile solutions crafted for time tracking, accrual management, scheduling, and overtime monitoring.

ADP® Time & Attendance

Boost productivity by ensuring optimal staff placement daily.

Simplify time tracking through convenient computer or phone usage for employees.

Exercise precise
control over time tracking using shared devices, time clocks,
or the ADP® Kiosk.

Effortlessly create, publish, and manage schedules online.

Seamlessly handle time-off requests, approvals, and vacation management.

Integration with ADP payroll software and other ADP solutions offers:

Automatic data flow across HR, payroll, and time management.

Single username and password for streamlined access.

Web or mobile app accessibility for time, pay, benefits, and other information.

Which timekeeping solution is right for you?

ADP Kiosk

ADP Time Kiosk app

ADP® Kiosk, an all-in-one time collection device

& ADP® Time Kiosk App

Capture time confidently in ways that work for both you and your employees. With either ADP Kiosk, an all-in-one time collection device, or the ADP® Time Kiosk app, which you can download on your own shared device, your timekeeping system is seamlessly connected to your ADP payroll solution and backed by ADP support. Other features include: