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For many small business owners, dealing with human resources (HR) issues can divert attention from day-to-day operations, which prolongs the growth of your company. The intricacies of state and federal employment laws can turn finding answers and ensuring compliance into what feels like a full-time job. Fortunately, you can eliminate guesswork and turn to a reliable source for assistance in navigating HR responsibilities and meeting compliance requirements.

Our company provides a comprehensive set of HR tools tailored for small businesses, enabling you to effectively manage your workforce and minimize risks, allowing you to refocus on scaling your business. Gain the confidence to meet compliance standards with access to best practices, robust tools, and valuable resources.

Secure Your Business


Craft a thorough, professionally crafted employee handbook aligned with federal employment laws in just 15 minutes.

Job Description

Develop personalized
job descriptions using
an extensive database.

Advanced HR

Receive step-by-step guidance for basic and advanced HR tasks, covering everything from OSHA to FLSA and more.

HR Forms &

Save time by accessing essential HR forms from our extensive library of best-practice documents and checklists.

Manage Daily Operations

HR HelpDesk:

Access a dedicated support team of HR professionals via phone and email to navigate even the most complex HR issues.

State and Federal Compliance Database:

Stay informed about ever-changing employment laws in plain English summaries, ensuring adherence to HR best practices and compliance requirements.

HR Compliance Updates:

Receive proactive email alerts regarding changes in laws that may impact your company's policies, procedures, or compliance requirements.

Quick HR Answers:

Search a comprehensive database of frequently asked HR questions and access on-demand best-practice answers.

Allow us to manage the intricacies of recruitment, employee engagement, conflict resolution, payroll, benefits, compensation, talent management, compliance, and beyond, empowering you to: